Security software company Avecto has today extended its security offering with the launch of its proactive endpoint security suite, Defendpoint.

The innovative software positively empowers users to be creative, productive and profitable while protecting businesses from evolving cyber threats.

Defendpoint builds on Avecto's foundations in privilege management; with three distinct modules that run through a single agent, providing defense in depth to complement existing patching and antimalware strategies:

  • Privilege management - assigns privileges to applications, not users, enabling the successful removal of admin rights to protect the operating system. With this flexible approach, individuals can still access the applications, tasks and scripts they need to perform their job roles so that they can be productive without compromising security. Privilege management mitigates the risks associated with 92% of critical Microsoft vulnerabilities.
  • Application control - By taking control of your software environment and applying simple rules to manage trusted applications, you automatically reduce risk by blocking the unknown. Application control is so effective that experts analyzing real-world data, including The Council on Cyber Security (in association with SANS), name it the most essential strategy for mitigating cyber threats.
  • Sandboxing – extends security coverage to the most common entry point for malware and hackers - the internet. Unlike traditional sandboxing solutions that focus on building barricades, Defendpoint takes a unique approach to isolating content. Leveraging the native Windows security model, all untrusted activity runs inside a secure container.

By uniquely combining these three proactive technologies, enterprises will be able to effectively defend against unknown threats, without sacrificing user freedoms.

The introduction of sandboxing as part of the Defendpoint suite reinforces Avecto's security credentials, while adding another line of defense against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

Mark Austin, CEO at Avecto said: "The reason that many security projects fail is because they don't champion the user. If a security solution is inflexible or employees can't do their jobs effectively then it won’t be sustainable."

"As a young and agile company we see IT security differently. We firmly believe that security should be an enabler. With Defendpoint we have built a security solution that is focussed on the end user, ensuring the experience for employees is a positive one. At the same time we have integrated closely with existing infrastructures to provide a highly scalable solution that is easy to manage and maintain."

Avecto has witnessed significant growth since its inception in 2008 and is currently ranked as the fastest growing software company in the UK, according to Deloitte's Fast 50 list.

Defendpoint is set to make a huge impact on the security market with a global launch at events including McAfee FOCUS in Las Vegas, Gartner Symposium ITXpo in Barcelona and events in Melbourne, Boston, Sydney, Manchester and London.

About Avecto

Avecto is a security software company that sees security as an enabler. We're all about finding technical solutions aligned with commercial benefits. We know, from experience, that technology has the power to facilitate transformational change.

Our proactive endpoint security software Defendpoint delivers on this promise by uniquely combining the technologies of Privilege Management, Application Control and Sandboxing. The benefits of Defendpoint and our consultative methodology provides clients with a clearly mapped journey against measurable objectives to ensure project success.

And our focus on the end user means you can finally empower people to work freely without compromising security. So, with this positive approach, endpoint security can be the startpoint of freedom.