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IP-Insider: Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report 2020: More Security With Fewer Admin Rights

– In its latest Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report 2020, security firm BeyondTrust shows that 77 percent of critical Microsoft security vulnerabilities could be mitigated by the removal of admin rights. Last year, 77 percent of critical vulnerabilities in Microsoft's operating systems and applications would have been manageable by removing administration rights, according to BeyondTrust.

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CXO Insight Middle East: The Journey to Universal Privilege Management

– Many PAM tools lack the ability to extend granular privileged access controls to non-traditional endpoints, such as medical or industrial-connected devices and control systems. Organisations need a solution that delivers the capability of least privilege to those endpoints by allowing fine-grained control over the commands sent and the responses received over SSH sessions.

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Business Transformation: Why working from home is a tremendous stress test

– In haste, many organizations may have remote workers and vendors VPN into the corporate network, but VPNs are not ideal. First, they lack the scalability needed to accommodate a surge of remote workers. And, perhaps more concerning, is that the VPN technology, while providing some protections (such as against man-in-the-middle attacks), itself suffers many security shortcomings.

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