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TechTarget Security – Cloudflare Discloses Breach Related to Stolen Okta Data

– The attack began on Oct. 18 and stemmed from the most recent Okta breach, in which a threat actor used stolen credentials to access a customer support case management system that contained HTTP Archive files. The threat actor used session cookies contained in those files to impersonate valid users at several Okta customers, including Cloudflare, BeyondTrust and 1Password.

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Security Boulevard – The Secret’s Out: How Stolen Okta Auth Tokens Led to Cloudflare Breach

– In October 2023, Okta disclosed its support system was breached, and customer-uploaded HTTP Archive (HAR) files were accessed, including session tokens and user cookies. Okta revoked the session tokens and advised customers to sanitize these files. Both BeyondTrust and Cloudflare detected malicious activity related to this breach and were able to respond quickly. Only to realize later some access tokens had not been properly rotated.

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ERP Today – CloudBolt Drives ‘Cloud ROI’ with Augmented FinOps

– “CloudBolt is transforming the way we manage our cloud resources by simplifying our automation and orchestration tasks, while their FinOps integration is giving us better control over costs, ensuring optimal financial efficiency,” said Cory Moore, Vice President, Infrastructure & Cloud Operations at BeyondTrust. “We’re excited about where CloudBolt is headed and look forward to the new capabilities to help us further maximize cloud ROI.”

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Tahawul Tech – Exclusive Feature: Data Privacy

– “For Data Privacy Day this year, let’s explore the controversial topic of impact of age demographics on perceptions of data privacy. This is not a discussion on whether data privacy is important, nor that sensitive information needs to be protected, but rather based on age groups, social media, and the designator of being an “influencer”, data privacy means very different things.”

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