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Forbes — How Organizations Can Manage Identity Technical Debt

– At some point in time, legacy components, software and aging assets and resources will no longer meet modern business demands and information security requirements. After a period as short as seven years, many components can be designated as end-of-life and be queued for replacement or modernization. In fact, most endpoint hardware does not even last that long.

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CXO Insight ME: Guardians of the digital realm

– “James Maude, Lead Security Researcher at BeyondTrust, says generative AI such as ChatGPT is proving useful in a number of ways. Being able to analyse and summarise large amounts of data in a concise and human readable manner could be very helpful in increasing productivity and security. There is also the potential to help script and automate responses and generate code, however a word of caution here as the use of AI assistants has been shown to reduce code quality and security among developers.”

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