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The Cyberwire – V3 | Issue 18 | 5.5.21

– Forcepoint has added Matt Dircks, John McCormack, and Dr. John Zangardi to its board of directors. Dircks is CEO of BeyondTrust, McCormack is an Operating Partner at Teleo Capital, and Zangardi is president of Redhorse Corporation.

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Security MEA – Higher the factors, stronger the security

– “Morey Haber, CTO & CISO at BeyondTrust, said “The most critical step organizations should perform when trying to protect their data is to adopt a least privilege strategy for all access to sensitive data and supporting resources. As a part of privileged access management, least privilege ensures that only the appropriate privileges are given to data, systems, applications, and resources, on a need-to-know basis, to prevent excessive privileges from being used to compromise a sensitive resource. This prevents lateral movement and protects against inappropriate access by delegating access to only the owners of data and not employees or machine identities at large.”

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Enterprise Channels MEA – Latest in Exchange server hack, crypto-miners continue to exploit compromised servers

– “With recent attacks infiltrating the supply chain and ransomware now infecting hypervisors without any end-user interaction, businesses must step up their security to thwart modern attacks but at a risk of becoming numb and complacent to the constant onslaught of exploits. Realistically, many security professionals are burning out from the barrage of attacks and never-ending responses. Unfortunately, we now have another exploit to deal with and the damage is devastating.”

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Informatique News – 4 Good OT Cybersecurity Practices

– In recent years, cyberattacks on critical OT (Operation Technology) infrastructure have literally exploded, with a 2000% increase according to the latest IBM X-Force report! So how do you secure remote access to an organization's network, with a large number of operators, subcontractors and suppliers, without using a VPN, without compromising processes and business continuity, or penalizing productivity?

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CRN – 30 Notable IT Executive Moves: April 2021

– “Jeff’s experience includes a mix of enhancing existing Partner Programs and building new ones. This background is ideal for where BeyondTrust is heading as a company,” said Dee Dee Acquista, BeyondTrust’s senior vice president of Global Channels.

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