Yesterday, the Chancellor, George Osborne presented his annual autumn statement, revealing the government’s plans to help bolster the UK’s economic prosperity. Amongst a series of new measures, the Chancellor confirmed a number of initiatives with direct benefits for the North West, including improved infrastructure and clear steps towards devolution, giving the North West greater control over its finances.

Paul Kenyon, EVP of Avecto gave his thoughts on the Chancellor’s plans:

“This is an exciting time for the North. The devolution deal, improved infrastructure and other initiatives have provided a sense of belief that we can have real success as a region in the coming years. We’ve got everything from investment in science to new cultural attractions. The future’s looking bright.

“It bodes well for our tech sector too. Improved infrastructure will encourage collaboration between tech companies in the major cities of the North. Manchester’s tech sector alone is worth £1.9bn* to the economy. Coupled with the other northern cities we could make a serious impact on an international scale.

"It is very promising to see the Chancellor placing such an emphasis on balancing the national economy, and providing funding to improve our foundations, such as road and rail. These will go a long way to help us to achieve our goal of becoming a global frontrunner in technology and innovation.”