Attackers Seek an Edge via Unpatched Windows & Admin Rights

In the first portion of this session, learn more about the significance of the annually-published Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report — and why a thorough analysis of its findings is warranted. Explore data highlights, trends, and key findings and discover what they mean for organizations like your own.

Hosted By:

Morey Haber, Chief Security Officer, BeyondTrust

James Maude, Lead Security Researcher, BeyondTrust

Removing Admin Rights from Companies for Two Decades

In this continuation of the analysis series, Sami Laiho, Microsoft MVP and Chief Research Officer at Truesec further explores the vulnerabilities uncovered by the report and expands on the roles of least privilege and zero trust during the vulnerability management process.

Hosted By:

Sami Laiho, Microsoft MVP, Chief Research Officer at Truesec

Reviewing the New Threats and Vulnerabilities and Their Countermeasures

In the third and final installment of the Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report series, Microsoft Security expert and renowned Paula Januskiewicz reviews the latest threats and vulnerabilities uncovered in the report, and then provides the most useful information of all – how to counter them.

Hosted By:

Paula Januskiewicz, Microsoft Security Enterprise expert, Founder & CEO, CQURE Inc.

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