2021 Gartner Buyers’ Guide for Privileged Access Management

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Privileged Access Management Guidance from the Experts

Gartner considers privileged access management (PAM) a top security control. Simultaneously, spending on PAM continues to increase year over year.

According to Gartner’s Buyers’ Guide for Privileged Access Management, “Most high-profile breaches are enabled through excessive privileges, a failure of privileged access management.” In addition to vastly reducing the attack surface and mitigating cyber risk, Gartner also underscores that PAM is a pivotal control to “enable the business to run faster by streamlining the assignment and delegation of the minimum privileged access.”

PAM is a foundational security discipline with use cases that continue to expand to address the accelerating demands of digital transformation. Save a copy of this Gartner research paper to guide your journey to better managing privileged access and to remove any roadblocks in the way of a seamless and successful deployment.

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