If you’ve been in IT for more than 15 years, you likely can remember a time when there was a single privileged password you needed to remember. My very first was on a Novell NetWare 3.11 box – the password for the Supervisor account was “serious”. That was the only one anyone needed to solve every problem on the network.

But today’s environment is exponentially more complex. Countless operating systems, directory services, enterprise applications, cloud instances, networking hardware, and even physical security all make up a normal day in the life of an IT organization – each with its’ own set of privileged accounts. And it’s not only difficult to keep track of all those passwords, but even more so, keeping up with who has access to them and who uses them.

So, if you’re like most organizations, you’ve invested in some kind of a password management solution (which includes everything from an excel spreadsheet, to simple password storage, to advanced password management applications) to house and keep track of privileged passwords.

This ebook is intended for those IT organizations who have already made the step to implement some level of password management, where the assumption is you already have a base set of password management services and functionality in place.

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