Ensure Remote Access Integrity & Enable Zero Trust with BeyondTrust

Remote access use cases have exploded, and so has the deployment of remote access software. However, much of this remote access technology, even if not deployed urgently, was not deployed with security at top-of-mind. Other times, the software is stretched for inappropriate use cases (such as VPNs used with BYOD or for vendor access).

Like any other software, remote access software risks being misused or co-opted by threat actors. This is something that federal agencies, such as CISA, NSA, and FBI have warned about and provided recent guidance.

This paper explores how BeyondTrust solutions can help organizations meet the CISA, NSA, FBI, MS-ISAC, and INCD objectives for secure remote access software. Discover how BeyondTrust solutions are architected with security at all levels, enabling least privilege enforcement, zero trust, and enhanced privilege session management and monitoring.

Finally, explore a detailed mapping of how BeyondTrust capabilities satisfy individual federal agency requirements around secure remote access.

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