Providing Complete Visibility and Auditing of Identities

Identity and access management (IAM) is a combination of business process, policies and technologies to more effectively manage and control digital identities. SailPoint’s IdentityIQ is an IAM technology designed to work across heterogeneous environments to provision and de-provision identities using a consistent process to ensure that that access privileges are granted according to business policy.

Most organizations that implement privileged access management (PAM) and identity and access management (IAM) have done them independently but are missing some key values that could come from their integration. Getting control over user access, permissions and rights to address a security, compliance or IT efficiency challenge tends to be the driver in adopting an IAM solution. PAM solutions take security and compliance a step further by helping IT teams get control over privileged users and accounts, and provide granular visibility on how identities are actually being used.

BeyondTrust privileged access management (PAM) solutions are designed to provide privileged and least privilege access to systems and applications. Where IdentityIQ identity and access management solutions focus on all digital identities, privilege access management targets the special requirements for any account managed by an enterprise.

When it comes to user access – whether it’s privileged or non-privileged – every organization has to answer three questions:

  1. Who has access to what?
  2. Is that access appropriate? and
  3. Is that access being used appropriately?

IAM solutions can tell you who has access to what, and whether that access appropriate. With BeyondTrust, SailPoint customers can also answer whether that access is being used appropriately. This gives you a more unified view for visibility and control of all users – privileged or non-privileged.

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