How Are Your Privileged Accounts Leaving You Vulnerable?

The Privileged Access Threat Report 2019 exposes how poor privileged account management practices by organizations highlight an urgent need to implement an organization-wide Privileged Identity and Access Management strategy to truly defend your business from inside and out. This year's report covers:

  • 58% believe it likely they have suffered a breach due to vendor access
  • 90% with fully integrated tools are confident they can identify specific threats from employees with privileged access
  • Almost two thirds (64%) of organizations believe they’ve either definitely or possibly had a breach due to employee access
  • For 60%, IoT device retaining default passwords is a threat to their organization

"With two thirds of businesses believing it’s likely they’ve had breaches from vendor access, the need to address how they control vendor access is clear. While businesses can’t avoid giving vendors and other legitimate users the access they need, they do need to find ways of providing Secure Remote Access that maintains the integrity of an organization’s security."

Privileged Access Threat Report 2019

The Struggle to Manage Privileged Insiders and Vendors

Most organizations are having a difficult time managing privileged insiders and third party vendors. Almost half use manual processes to control privileged identities. This simply isn't scalable. The Privileged Access Threat Report recommends ways to overcome these challenges.

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