Protecting Your Company’s Secrets

Before we start, let’s get something straight: I work for a cyber security vendor. Now, I haven’t always worked for a vendor; in fact, I have extensive experience designing and running privileged access management and identity management programs for several companies. So, I promise I won’t try to sell you anything here. Just had to get that out. It’s probably a safe presumption for me to make that we all have possessions and stuff that we consider important – our residences, our personal details, and our money, for example. And, because this stuff is important, we should be keen on controlling who has access to it.

Thinking about the concept of “privileged access,” within the context of company is no different. Directly relating it to personal decisions, you should ask four questions:

  • What is my stuff, and who do I trust to have special/privileged access to my company’s stuff?
  • Why should I trust them?
  • How do I make sure that they can maintain my trust?
  • What action should I take if that trust is broken?

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