Privilege Benchmarking Study 2016Enlarge Infographic

In this latest edition of BeyondTrust’s annual research report on Privileged Access Management practices, we collected data from nearly 550 senior IT and security professionals from across the globe. This year’s findings paint a stark divide between the top-tier organizations (those better prepared to mitigate risk from data breaches) versus those in the bottom tier.

Some high-level data points from the report:

  • 92% of top-tier organizations have a centralized password management policy vs 25% of bottom-tier organizations.
  • 76% of top-tiers frequently cycle passwords, whereas only 14% of bottom-tiers do.
  • 90% of top-tiers grant privileges based on apps rather than users, while only 46% of bottom-tiers do so.
  • 91% of top-tiers score apps or systems based on their relative risk (using vulnerability assessments), whereas a scant 20% of bottom-tiers do so.

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