Bomgar’s Secure Access solution enable organizations to control, monitor, and audit access by privileged users and third-party vendors. Both the remote user and the endpoint connect to the Bomgar appliance via outbound connections, eliminating the need for a VPN tunnel that provides a direct connection. And users can use protocol tunneling to extend remote connectivity and auditing capabilities of proprietary and third-party applications without disrupting existing infrastructure.

Bomgar and NERC CIP: A Perfect Fit

Bomgar Secure Access Solutions enables organizations to address NERC CIP security and compliance requirements while contributing to a
true defense-in-depth strategy. With a cost-effective licensing model and a secure, robust, architecture capable of supporting up to tens of thousands of critical systems, Bomgar is the ideal choice for large, geographically dispersed environments.

  • IMPROVE cybersecurity by closing the door on the #1 attack pathway for hackers, remote access
  • REPLACE multiple legacy remote access tools with a single, comprehensive solution
  • INCREASE productivity and security by eliminating the use of password spreadsheets and sticky notes for storing credentials
  • STANDARDIZE the authentication process by enabling MFA, integrating with Smart Cards and identity management systems
  • SECURE access across hybrid environments to support diverse IT infrastructure components
  • SIMPLIFY regulatory compliance
  • IMPLEMENT a solution your users will love
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