External attackers have consistently remained the #1 threat to organizations, and remain so as the primary actor in 80% of all attacks1. They are primarily interested in financial gain, use a mix of malware and stolen credentials as their key methods of attack, and are laser focused on both your server and workstation endpoints.

The challenge is that the threat source and methods are constantly changing and a given threat may or may not rear its ugly head within the network “walls” of your organization. That’s why you need to focus on the threat potential. To be clear, it’s not FUD, because the threat is real. The reason to focus on the potential is that the magnitude of the threat you may face really depends on you - how serious you believe external attacks to be credible, what steps you take to see just how vulnerable you really are, and how you choose to respond in the form of implementing layered security.

This ebook focuses on the problems associated with external attacks and the resulting assault on privileged accounts, providing guidance in how to control the potential threat to your data, applications, and systems by walking you through 5 key steps:

  1. Understanding the Threat Potential: External Attacks and Privileged Accounts Application
  2. Responding to the Threat Potential: A Layered Approach
  3. Envisioning the Threat Potential: Discovering your Vulnerabilities
  4. Managing the Threat Potential: Managing Enterprise Passwords and Vulnerabilities
  5. Monitoring the Threat Potential: Watching Privileged Account Behavior and Threat Analytics
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