network device, laptop, smartphone, etc, Once the attacker has gained a foothold in the organization, he or she may then moving laterally, escalating privileges along the way to access sensitive data and intellectual property. The Top 20 Center for Internet Security (CIS) Critical Security Controls provide a recommended set of cyber defense actions for stopping the most common and dangerous types of attacks. Read this white paper to understand:

  • The types of attacks the CIS Controls are meant to address
  • An overview of the Top-20 CIS Controls
  • How BeyondTrust privileged access management (PAM) and vulnerability management (VM) solutions map to the recommended CIS Controls
  • An overview of the BeyondTrust platform and solutions

Download the white paper now, and learn how you can implement CIS Controls with BeyondTrust solutions to mitigate asset- and user-based risk, while derailing the cycle of compromise and privilege escalation before it can begin.