Understanding Access Management Functions within the New Maturity Model

Using these categories as an evaluative tool, an organization can pinpoint the maturity stage of their current Zero Trust Architecture and understand what steps to take to progress. While CISA merely adds the language for Access Management as a new function in Version 2.0 of their maturity model, exploring what that means for the identity pillar of zero trust is an important endeavor for any organization serious about adherence to security best practices.

Inside this whitepaper, we explore access management best practices, analyses of the new zero trust Access Management maturity category, and the substantial impact that Privileged Access Management capabilities can have for organizations on their journey towards a mature Zero Trust Architecture.

"We do see federal agencies prioritize bringing their ICAM or Identity and Access Management program forward to mature, adding access management. The execution priority is there, and the technology is available to meet the gap that agencies have."

Michael Saintcross, Sr. Director, Federal at BeyondTrust
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