COVID and post-COVID, organizations face an increase in privileges in 2021. We’re seeing more types of cloud-based or DevOps privileges and credentials as well as higher numbers. And unfortunately, privileged accounts and privileged access vectors are prime targets for credential theft, which can be used for cyberattackers’ lateral and vertical movement.

Modern business must therefore protect privileged credentials and manage privilege access risk across a variety of servers, databases, network devices, applications, IoT, and cloud environments.

Join Dan Blum, Cybersecurity Strategist and Author, in this on-demand webinar where he identifies critical capabilities and recommended best practices for:

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Dan Blum, Cybersecurity Strategist and Author

Dan Blum is an internationally recognized strategist in cybersecurity and risk management. He was a Golden Quill Award winning VP and Distinguished Analyst at Gartner, Inc., has served as the security leader for several startups and consulting companies, and has advised 100s of large corporations, universities and government organizations. He consults with clients on identity management, PAM, risk management, and other topics. He's made his new book Rational Cybersecurity for Business: The Security Leaders' Guide to Business Alignment freely available for Open Access via Apress, or on Amazon.

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Brian Chappell, Chief Security Strategist

Brian has more than 30 years of IT and cybersecurity experience in a career that has spanned system integrators, PC and Software vendors, and high-tech multi-nationals. He has held senior roles in both the vendor and the enterprise space in companies such as Amstrad plc, BBC Television, GlaxoSmithKline, and BeyondTrust. At BeyondTrust, Brian has led Sales Engineering across EMEA and APAC, Product Management globally for Privileged Password Management, and now focuses on security strategy both internally and externally. Brian can also be found speaking at conferences, authoring articles and blog posts, as well as providing expert commentary for the world press.

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