Do you have third-party vendors in your network but are unsure of what they are doing? Join this 30 minute (no bull!) technical product clinic about how you can best manage vendor access with PRA. The first half of the clinic, BeyondTrust Sr Solutions Engineer, Martin Boreham, will demonstrate 2 personas, Vendor and Administrator:

  1. Vendor – Transparency to achieve BAU in a compliant process.
    1. Connect to endpoint (with a high level policy explanation)
    2. Attempt to run commands that are restricted and denied (ability to enforce governance)
  2. Administrator – Ability to achieve audit and compliance.
    1. Demonstrate ability to perform forensic reporting on sessions
    2. Demonstrate ability to review session

The last 15 minutes will be saved for live attendee Q&A.

Photograph of Martin Boreham

Martin Boreham, Sr Solutions Engineer

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