Today, secure remote access is an absolute necessity across most organizations, especially those in the heavily regulated banking and finance industry. There's increasing dependency on 3rd parties having standing access into your secure environment with privileges. Even those few businesses that don’t extend remote access on a regular basis they will have vendors who need remote access to their systems from time to time.

Free remote access tools proliferate, but they fall woefully short of meeting the finance worlds increasingly stringent security and compliance needs. Whether formalized or ad hoc, remote access can leave your business IT network, systems and devices highly vulnerable if not well planned, controlled, and monitored.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • How to identify third party risks across your organization
  • How to communicate and address this risk across your employees, partners, and vendors
  • Creating and enforcing remote access / 3rd party working cybersecurity policies
  • How to improve security and operational performance by consolidating remote access tools across the enterprise
Photograph of Aidan Keates

Aidan Keates, Solutions Architect

South African born, Zimbabwean raised, with 18 years of experience across 3 continents. Aidan started his career in disaster recovery and business continuity industry for the financial sector before switching to support function of security patching and end point security. The last 8 years have been spent mastering the strategy, design and security of a broad scope of IT infrastructure services with the focus on system, network and data security. Aiden has developed a wealth of experience in customer pre and post sales engagement from technical to C-level executives as well as working with and leading cross-functional groups of people with diverse IT backgrounds.

Photograph of Simon Dale

Simon Dale, Regional Sales Manager

Simon has worked in IT and Security for over a decade in a variety of roles from engineering, sales and service. As a Regional Sales Manager for BeyondTrust his focus is developing client partnerships within the UKI Banking and Finance Sector that deliver value and business advantage. This involves listening, problem solving, understanding the evolving needs of organisations, and defining strategies to best address them.

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