Featuring guest speaker, Cyber Security Scientist, Keynote Speaker, Author, Founder and CEO at Secure Anchor Consulting, Dr. Eric Cole

Passwords are a primary means by which organizations help ensure access for those who need it, while keeping out potential attackers and others who lack proper authorization. While passwords are a fundamental piece of authentication,, organizations struggle mightily in implementing and enforcing strong password security. In one recent example of egregious password management malpractice, a Fortune 50 company’s external severs were found to have simple and default passwords on them, such as “password”.

The stakes are even higher when it comes to privileged users and accounts, but this is actually the area where organizations struggle the most. In this webinar with industry expert Dr. Eric Cole, learn how to rein in password sprawl and enforce best practices for privileged password management to dial down your organization’s cyber risk, while also better positioning you to meet increasingly stringent compliance demands. Tune in to learn:

Photograph of Dr. Eric Cole

Dr. Eric Cole, World Renowned Cybersecurity Expert, CEO of Secure Anchor

World Renowned Cybersecurity Expert with more than 30 years of network security experience, Dr. Eric Cole is a distinguished cybersecurity expert and keynote speaker who helps organizations curtail the risk of cyber threats. Many of the foundational principles of this course and training in cybersecurity were developed by Dr. Cole. He has worked with a variety of clients ranging from Fortune 50 companies, to top international banks, to the CIA, for which he was a professional hacker.

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