Featuring AD Auditing Expert and Managing Partner and Principal Consultant at Security Architects Partners, Dan Blum

Privilege empowers. Admins and other users will, at times, require privileges—it’s an inescapable fact that is paired with an unavoidable security risk. Active Directory (AD) has many options for managing privilege—which is another way of saying that Active Directory provides many possibilities for mismanaging privileges! For instance, in even modestly complex AD environments, enterprises face significant risk of misconfiguration and other oversights that put their security in jeopardy. Unless we create the right privilege management patterns for Active Directory, and then audit to see that they're implemented and operating correctly, potential catastrophe looms.

Tune in to this webinar with Security Architects Partners Principal Consultant Dan Blum, and discover:

If you have concerns that you may be overlooking cyber threats to your Active Directory environment, don’t miss this webinar!

Photograph of Dan Blum

Dan Blum, Cybersecurity Strategist and Author

Dan Blum is an internationally recognized strategist in cybersecurity and risk management. He was a Golden Quill Award winning VP and Distinguished Analyst at Gartner, Inc., has served as the security leader for several startups and consulting companies, and has advised 100s of large corporations, universities and government organizations. He consults with clients on identity management, PAM, risk management, and other topics. He's made his new book Rational Cybersecurity for Business: The Security Leaders' Guide to Business Alignment freely available for Open Access via Apress, or on Amazon.

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