As much as everyone hears about bad actors always breaking in to a network through a missing patch in a piece of well-known software, there are a ton of other methods that let both penetration testing and the bad guys break in. The best vectors involve hacking the human element of information security.

In this demo-filled webinar, Jay Beale, CTO of InGuardians, will teach you two of these;

  1. How to password spray to evade lockout
  2. How to set up your own phishing campaign to gain passwords or install malware

Come see how it’s done and accomplished with freely available tools!

Photograph of Jay Beale

Jay Beale, CEO, CTO at InGuardians, Inc.

Jay Beale is CTO and CEO for InGuardians. He works on Kubernetes, Linux and Cloud-Native security, both as a professional threat actor and an Open Source maintainer and contributor. He's the architect of the open source Peirates attack tool for Kubernetes and Bustakube CTF Kubernetes cluster. Jay helps create and run DEF CON's Kubernetes CTF, is a member of the Kubernetes organization, and previously co-led the Kubernetes project's Security Audit Working Group. Since 2000, he has led training classes on Linux & Kubernetes security at public conferences and in private training.

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