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Container orchestration tools are all the buzz right now. It almost seems like every company in the DevOps modality is either using or moving to Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, or one of their competitors. In this on-demand webinar, InGuardians CTO, Jay Beale, will hack a Kubernetes cluster, attacking a single service and moving on to complete compromise. Then he’ll put on his white hat, demonstrating how you could prevent the cluster compromise.

Following Jay’s demo-intensive introduction to Kubernetes hacking and hardening, BeyondTrust Product Manager, Martin Cannard, will demonstrate how DevOps teams can leverage privileged access management (PAM) security solutions to protect all parts of the orchestration stack.

Photograph of Jay Beale

Jay Beale, CEO, CTO at InGuardians, Inc.

Jay Beale has created several defensive security tools, including Bastille Linux/UNIX and the CIS Linux Scoring Tool, both of which were used widely throughout industry and government. He has served as an invited speaker at many industry and government conferences, a columnist for Information Security Magazine, SecurityPortal and SecurityFocus, and a contributor to nine books, including those in his Open Source Security Series and the “Stealing the Network” series. He has led training classes on Linux Hardening and other topics at Black Hat, CanSecWest, RSA, and IDG conferences, as well as in private corporate training. Jay is a co-founder, Chief Operating Officer and CTO of the information security consulting company InGuardians.