For customers using BeyondTrust Remote Support or Privileged Remote Access, you’ve probably heard the term “Jump” referenced throughout the products, particularly in regards to unattended remote access. But how well do you really know our Jump Technology?

Join BeyondTrust Implementation Engineer, Kyle Cowan, for an exclusive look at surprising ways you can leverage Jump Technology to securely access your unattended systems. From Jump Clients to Jumpoints and even JumpZones, we’ll help define the terms, discuss best practices, and reveal interesting use cases along the way.

In this session, we’ll explore:

Photograph of Kyle Cowan

Kyle Cowan, BeyondTrust Implementation Engineer

A native of Fayetteville, Arkansas, Kyle has been with BeyondTrust as an Implementation Engineer for two years. Prior to BeyondTrust, Kyle spent twelve years working at statistical research offices at the University of Arkansas in coordination with the Arkansas Department of Education. During this time he was afforded the opportunity to wear many hats including: Windows/Linux/Solaris systems administrator, network administrator, database administrator, web administrator, and business intelligence administrator. Outside of work Kyle enjoys spending time with his family and friends, cooking, fishing, hiking, and being outside.

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