Many organisations are implementing remote working policies and need to quickly support an unprecedented increase in the number of remote employees. However, an expanding remote workforce can significantly increase the attack surface and has changed the threat model of the organisation overnight.

Join the second ‘All for One’ Virtual Customer Networking Group to connect with peers from outside your organisation in a closed group environment.

Karl Lankford, BeyondTrust Director Solutions Engineering, will share an update on the latest threats that are putting EMEA enterprises at risk.

You will have the opportunity to join a group discussion with Karl. Connecting live with fellow members of the group whose organisations are facing similar cybersecurity risks.

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“Men will work hard for money. They will work harder for other men. But they will work hardest of all when they are dedicated to a common cause.”

Other Contributors in the series will include:

> Morey Haber, CTO/CISO
> Dan DeRosa, Senior VP of Product Mgmt
> Jack Clarke, RVP Sales WEA

Photograph of Karl Lankford

Karl Lankford, Director, Solutions Engineering

Karl Lankford, Regional Vice President of Solutions engineering at BeyondTrust is a security leader with over 15 years of experience. With a diverse range of experience and knowledge accumulated over the past decade, Karl has been an integral part of the community and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences, providing the international cybersecurity community with disruptive technical and strategic thought-leadership insights.

Photograph of Matt Ward

Matt Ward, Strategic Account Manager, BeyondTrust

Matt Ward builds and manages strategic relationships with long standing international BeyondTrust clients. Matt has worked in Strategic Account Management roles in a number of small, medium and large software organisations, spanning 16 Years. Matt’s Mantra is to focus on establishing Trusted Partner relationships by building strong intercompany connections and operating at all times from the perspective of the customer in order to ensure consistent solution value.

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