Perhaps you’ve been beset by the unsettling feeling that you just have no way of knowing which domain administrator has made a specific change in Active Directory (AD)? Or, perhaps it’s fallen on your team (or just you), to manually zero in on an elusive change that resulted in operational mayhem. If you’re called on to meet a regulatory audit, or if time is of the essence in quickly responding to an event, you need to be able to rapidly and accurately identify the who, what, when, and where of Active Directory changes. But, can you?

In this webinar, security experts from CQURE will demonstrate how to:

  • Monitor AND inspect certain situations with security implications in AD
  • Leverage Active Directory built-in tools to spot attacker in your environment
  • Build a system that can alert and simplify the manual review process

Tune in to this absorbing webinar, and get the tips you need to start reaping the security and compliance benefits of properly tracking AD changes.