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Mr. Robot got at least one thing right with that “DAT” file: Files are at the root of all things security in Linux. While file integrity monitoring is an aspect of Windows security, it’s absolutely critical to Linux and Unix security. In fact, file integrity monitoring is one of the first things you need to ensure is done right when it comes to securing Linux and detecting attacks. But which files and directories do you need to monitor? Some folks will say “everything” — and that’s a nice goal but not practical. In this on-demand training webinar, Randy Franklin Smith will show you:

  • Where key configuration and other security sensitive files are stored in Linux
  • Where important binaries and scripts reside that should be monitored for modification or replacement

Randy will also discuss when you can expect different files and folders to be modified for legitimate reasons, tips for detecting malicious changes, and how to reduce noise by excluding files like log files which are always changing. Watch now!