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In a perimeter-less world, the first line of defense we have is the identity.

Yet, organizations still focus inordinate effort on shoring up network and server protection, but little attention on understanding and protecting their users’ identities.

By centralizing data around an identity, enterprises benefit from a single place to build out compliance/audit policies and model roles, policies, privileges, and risk. A foundation built on identity provides a unified approach to provisioning privilege management and access control across the organization.

In this webinar, join two of the world’s foremost thought leaders on identity management (IAM) and privileged access management (PAM), and co-authors of the new book, Identity Attack Vectors: Implementing an Effective Identity and Access Management Solution, Morey J. Haber, CTO/CISO at BeyondTrust and Darran Rolls, CTO/CISO Chief at SailPoint, and learn how you can successfully:

  • Identify techniques threat actors use to exploit gaps in IAM processes and compromise identities
  • Optimize identity governance and privilege management processes to deliver a better user experience
  • Manage both privileged and non-privileged identities
  • Provide certification for regulatory compliance
  • Use identity governance and privilege management controls to play a critical part in the cyber kill chain

If you’re interested in expert-vetted practices on how to mature your identity program, battle-tested advice on pitfalls to watch out for, and proactive methods to ensure long-term viability of your identity lifecycle—don’t miss this webinar!