Work from Home Securely: Enabling Remote Work for Employees, Support Staff, and Vendors

Although remote working has been growing steadily for years, few organizations are prepared to enable and support a fully remote workforce as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The operational and security challenges created by this shift are massive, but there are solutions that can help.

Your employees need to connect to systems and applications necessary to perform their work, your IT service desk needs to support employees in their homes around the world, and your third-party vendors and contractors need to continue performing critical tasks on your network. And this all needs to be done securely without maxing out your infrastructure and VPN.

BeyondTrust’s Secure Remote Access solutions enable remote employees, support staff, and third-party vendors to securely connect to the endpoints and systems they need without requiring a VPN, allowing your workforce to be productive without introducing security risks or straining your network.

With BeyondTrust, employees working from home can connect back to their desktop or workstation at the office from any modern browser, securely, without using a VPN. BeyondTrust can also help you secure those endpoints by only elevating privileges at the application level and whitelisting applications to protect against malware.

Support staff can see the screen and control remote computers and devices running Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. They can also access the camera of a remote employee’s mobile devise to assist in setting up hardware and peripheral devices.

Vendors and contractors can continue to connect to and work on your systems and applications securely without the need for VPN. Every connection is centrally managed, permission-based, and recorded for security and compliance.

We realize that times of unplanned change can create increased risk. BeyondTrust enables you to stand up your remote workforce quickly without compromising security.

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