In today's interconnected world, the dissolution of physical borders has propelled digital identity to the forefront of everything we do. Join us for a Fireside Chat with Leaders from the Southeast Asia Cybersecurity Consortium (SEACC) as we explore the significance of secure cross-border interactions and the measures needed to protect data, privacy, and sensitive information.

Our esteemed moderator, who truly understands the intricacies of operating in a world of borderless security, will guide us through this enlightening discussion that shed light on how borderless security impacts not only our region but also the global landscape. The session explores the growing challenge faced by organizations as their assets expand, and how cross-border applications of various technologies can help mitigate risks and control resource access.

Key highlights:

  • Understanding Borderless Security: The concept of borderless security is explored, emphasizing the challenges and risks that come with cross-border interactions. Robust security measures, especially for privileged access, are deemed essential.
  • The Importance of Identity: Explore the strategies and best practices for safeguarding identities and ensuring secure digital interactions. Protecting personal and organizational identities is crucial in the digital environment.
  • The Role of Southeast Asia Cybersecurity Consortium (SEACC): Learn how SEACC collaborates with member organizations and countries to fortify their stance on secure cross-border interactions.

This Fireside Chat offers a unique opportunity to gain insights from leaders in the field of cybersecurity and learn about the cutting-edge approaches employed to defend the digital borders. Join us for an engaging discussion and be part of the efforts to create a secure digital landscape in Southeast Asia and beyond.

Meet the Panelists

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