360 Degrees of Identity Security and Remote Privileged Access

Ensuring vendors and other third-party users don’t have broad, unrestricted access to your systems while on your network is critical to protecting your organization. SecZetta and BeyondTrust provide a combined solution for the 360 degrees of coverage you need to streamline third-party processes and authorization, enhance visibility, and ensure least privilege access.

SecZetta’s powerful automation allows for quick and accurate onboarding, offboarding, and reverification of all third-party non-employees requesting access to an organization’s networks and systems.

BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access is a VPN-less solution enabling granular privileged remote access across the enterprise for both internal and third-party users — all while managing and auditing every remotely initiated session.

Download this brief to learn more about how SecZetta + BeyondTrust delivers secure, least privilege-enforced access to devices across the enterprise without increasing the management burden of IT.

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