BeyondTrust Privilege Management for Windows & Mac enables organizations to remove local admin rights and enforce least privilege dynamically without hindering user productivity. Implement zero trust security seamlessly across Windows and macOS endpoints and benefit from advanced protection against lateral movement, ransomware, and insider threats.

Use Privilege Management for Windows & Mac to:

  • Control Applications with Definable Allow/Block Listing
  • Protected Trusted Applications from Attacks
  • Meet Compliance & Cyber Insurance Requirements
  • Integrate with Your Existing Security Ecosystem

Highlighted Features:

True Least Privilege:

Eliminate local admin rights and give just enough access, at just the right time, to only the appropriate application or process that is needed.

Granular Application Control:

Reduce the risk of improper application usage with flexible, risk-based policies for standard users

Rapid Deployments:

Deliver fast time-to-value, alleviate the IT service desk workload and minimize business disruption with built-in policies.

Stop Ransomware, Phishing Attacks, and Fileless Threats:

Reduce the attack surface and protect against lateral movement by blocking malware from executing on an endpoint.

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