BeyondTrust Privilege Management for Windows Servers reduces the risk of privilege misuse by assigning admin privileges to only authorized tasks that require them, controlling application and script usage, and logging and monitoring on privileged activities.

Features and Capabilities

  • Comprehensive Least Privilege Management: Elevate administrator privileges to applications, enabling sysadmins to connect and work as standard users through fine-grained policy-based controls. Exercise full, granular control of Windows service operations and the command line through PowerShell and the terminal to reduce the risk that privileges can be used in a cyberattack.
  • Seamless Application Control: Deliver trust-based application whitelisting with a flexible policy engine to set broad rules. Tailored options enable organizations to choose automatic approval for advanced users – protected by full audit trails – or utilize challenge-response codes.
  • Privileged Threat Analytics: Correlate user behavior against asset vulnerability data and security intelligence from best-of-breed security solutions to provide an overall picture of end-user risk.
  • File and Registry Monitoring: Audit and report on changes to critical policy, system, and application files and registry keys, eliminating unauthorized configuration changes, workarounds, and gaps that could lead to exploit.

Business Benefits

  • Provides on-demand access to privileges, enabling sysadmins to diagnose and troubleshoot issues without their productivity being impaired.
  • Provides fine-grained control over a broad range of sysadmin tasks, including service management, file and registry editing, script executions, and software and patch installations, improving security.
  • Logs, audits, and monitors activities that occur when privileged access is granted, simplifying forensics and compliance reporting.
  • Supports both logged on sessions and remote administration of Windows Servers, ensuring flexibility

“BeyondTrust has enabled us to eliminate local admin rights to workstations and servers, which has resulted in lower support calls and reduced risk to our environment.”

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