BeyondTrust and Ping Identity deliver the key components of Zero Trust

In their 2021 Identity and Access Management Report, CyberSecurity Insiders revealed that:

  • 54% of organizations are, at best, only somewhat confident in their organization’s identity and access management program
  • Approximately 80% of hacking related security breaches involve the misuse of privileged credentials

As the attack surface continues to expand, threats continue to increase, and security skills and expertise become scarcer, identity is becoming more and more critical to enterprises and their security infrastructures. With identity as the new “perimeter”, a Zero Trust approach to securing your infrastructure through the security of all associated identities has become fundamental to reducing risk.

BeyondTrust and Ping Identity deliver the key components of Zero Trust. Together, they allow you to secure identity and privileged access from a central console across complex infrastructures and business applications, including cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP. BeyondTrust privileged protection is integrated with PingOne via simple APIs that use SAML or RADIUS protocols.

Download this solutions brief to discover how BeyondTrust & Ping Identity are working together to deliver end-to-end zero trust across complex infrastructures, business applications, and more.