BeyondTrust Active Directory Bridge centralizes authentication and configuration management for Unix, Linux, and Mac environments by extending Active Directory’s Kerberos authentication and single sign-on and Group Policy capabilities to these platforms.

Features & Capabilities

  • Active Directory Authentication: Enable users to use their Active Directory credentials (username and password) to gain access to Unix, Linux, and Mac.
  • Group Policy: Extend the capabilities of native group policy management tools to include specific group policy settings for Unix, Linux, and Mac — achieving a consistent configuration across the enterprise.
  • Auditing and Reporting: Leverage a centralized and secure reporting module with hundreds of built-in regulatory-specific reports.
  • Access Control: Centrally control access to non-Windows systems by defining which users are permitted to log on to which systems via Active Directory.
  • Single Sign-On: Seamlessly transition users from desktop to remote machines, or between systems, without the need to constantly re-enter credentials. By leveraging Kerberos, Active Directory’s authentication protocol, single sign-on is easy, regardless of platform.
  • Remote Smart Card Authentication: Perform smart card authentication without having to be physically next to the server to insert the smart card.

“When we go through audits, we don’t worry about questions from the auditor – it’s all there.” CISSP, Chief Technology Officer, GCI