Is open source VNC cutting it in your support center? This competitive document details the key advantages BeyondTrust provides over VNC-based remote access tools.

Is Open Source VNC Designed for Remote Support?

While many companies use VNC simply because it is cheap or free, it may be costing the support center more in productivity than it saves in purchase price. As long ago as 2009, Gartner stated that “Legacy remote control tools are incapable of supporting increasingly complex environments, and companies must find new ways to provide support services to users.” [PC Remote Control Security: Risks & Recommendations]

In addition, open source VNC is not built to deal with the security threats in the current IT landscape. No centralized management or auditing is possible, and connecting across the internet requires punching holes in the company firewall. This may be fine for supporting grandparents, but global corporations can’t afford that risk.

We compare BeyondTrust with open source VNC by looking at the following:

  • Cost: How much time and money does the solution cost to implement and manage? Does the solution create gains in productivity?
  • Development: Is the solution keeping pace with developments in the IT landscape?
  • Security: Is the solution designed to enable security best practices?
  • Platform Support: How does the solution handle support between different platforms?
  • Management: Does the solution enable centralized management of reps’ toolset and permissions?
  • Integration: Does the solution enable a seamless support process through integration with ITSM and CRM tools?
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