Do you need an alternative to Cisco WebEx Support? This competitive document outlines some key differences that make Bomgar more suited for enterprise support organizations than WebEx.

Is Cisco WebEx Support Designed for Enterprise Support Organizations?

Most people think of WebEx as an online meeting tool. But WebEx also has a remote support solution. If your support organization is using Cisco Webex Support because sales or marketing purchased it for meetings, we encourage you to evaluate Bomgar.

WebEx is designed for online meetings. Even the remote support product is a modified meeting tool. Bomgar is designed for support. This analysis asks, "Which remote support solution meets the requirements of enterprise support organizations?"

  • Platform support - We evaluate the depth of operating system compatibility with WebEx
  • Mobile Device Support - We consider what support is available for iPads, iPhones, and Android devices with WebEx
  • Security - We look at everything from WebEx's SaaS deployment model to permissions and encryption
  • Integration - We ask if WebEx integrates with the ITSM and CRM solutions commonly used in the enterprise
  • Cost - We help you see beyond the initial purchase to evaluate licensing and total cost of ownership
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