Secure Tomorrow, Today with L3Harris Technologies and BeyondTrust

L3 Technologies' merger with Harris Corporation has propelled the organization to redefine endpoint security management, crafting a seamless, fortified digital environment across Windows and Mac systems. As part of this evolution, they've aligned with BeyondTrust, a leader in privilege management, to elevate their security framework and ensure their legacy of excellence continues unbroken.

In the wake of merging legacies and technologies, L3Harris Technologies faced a common industry challenge: the blend of old and new. The mission was clear — to standardize and streamline endpoint privilege management across their entire organization. With BeyondTrust's Privilege Management for Windows and Mac, they found their solution. This move wasn't just about consolidation; it was about optimization. By pruning outdated rules and embracing BeyondTrust's robust policies, L3Harris Technologies has not only reduced the complexity but also crafted a more agile, responsive security posture.

"Before you deploy a product, you have to get the buy in. Before you get the buy in, you have to have the data. BeyondTrust Privilege Management for Windows enabled us to find the data and ultimately be successful."

—Spencer Levels, Systems Administrator, Endpoint Security, L3Harris
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