Providing quality products since 1970, Redner’s Warehouse Markets, Inc. is an employee-owned supermarket chain operating 44 warehouse markets and 19 quick shops throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware. In addition to groceries, Redner’s operates a pharmacy at some of its warehouse markets as well as gas stations at its quick shops.

Redner’s six IT support technicians previously provided remote technical support using several tools, including Remote Desktop, PCAnywhere, DameWare and VNC. However, they often had difficulty establishing a connection and had to walk users through the cumbersome process of connecting to Wi-Fi to get an active Internet connection and then access the company’s Virtual Private Network (VPN). Nicholas Hidalgo, director of business technologies for Redner’s, knew it was time for a more robust remote support solution.

“I discovered Bomgar while attending a Dell KACE conference,” said Hidalgo. “After viewing a demonstration, I was very impressed with the Bomgar Remote Support solution’s many features and the ease with which it provides a connection to the user’s device,” said Hidalgo. “It makes it possible to connect to a device without multiple steps whether the device is connected to our VPN or not, making it much easier to provide help more quickly and with less frustration.”

Implementing Bomgar meant Redner’s technicians no longer faced a hurdle when establishing sessions to support the company’s approximately 1,300 devices, including 700 point of sale (POS) registers, 400 back office machines handling tasks such as accounting and inventory management, and 200 corporate PCs and laptops. “In addition to simplifying connections, we’ve configured Bomgar so that it is trusted by our applications, eliminating the need to bypass a lot of safeguards that would normally lock an application down and prevent the execution of system-level tasks,” said Hidalgo.

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