This Bomgar customer is a business in the healthcare industry with approximately 3,000 employees in the United States and Canada and 150 office locations. The organization uses Bomgar regularly to support users and access systems in the company’s various office locations.

The help desk techs at the organization love that Bomgar provides a seamless way to connect to an end user who is experiencing an issue and see exactly what they are seeing. They can connect to a device immediately with Bomgar while taking a support call or responding to an online ticket. Additionally, the IT staff frequently uses Bomgar’s recording feature to collaboratively share information within the IT team.

The IT team takes advantage of Bomgar’s expansive feature set, including File Transfer, Jump Client agents, and Chat. The company’s end users do not have administrative rights on their computers or virtual desktops. As a result, the IT team uses File Transfer to install software and perform other tasks that require administrative access.

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