Behavox Trusts Privileged Remote Access to Keep Customer Data Secure

In the world of artificial intelligence and financial services, data security is paramount. Behavox, a leading provider of AI-driven compliance and security solutions, understands this better than most. As a company dealing with sensitive customer data, Behavox's Chief Information Officer and Systems Director, Shane Carden, highlights the importance of data protection, "Our goal is really making sure that we protect those assets at all points in time."

However, achieving this level of data protection is not without its challenges. Behavox was grappling with issues related to limited visibility, access management, and compliance, particularly around SOC 1 and SOC 2. This is where BeyondTrust came into the picture.

"BeyondTrust's solution has impacted our business by giving us peace of mind around the security of our customers' data and also giving us a very robust audit trail to ensure the integrity of that at all times, and allowing us to put in the appropriate safeguards to ensure we’re always in front of any potential security vulnerabilities."


The solution also allowed Behavox to implement appropriate safeguards to stay ahead of potential security vulnerabilities.

One of the key ways in which BeyondTrust’s solution has added value to Behavox is through its integration with Behavox’s internal Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution. This integration allows Behavox to aggregate all logs, providing additional clarity and transparency into everything that's happening within their system. It also enables them to generate actionable alerts on potential issues.

In addition to the technical benefits of BeyondTrust's solution, Shane also praised the company's customer service. "One of the biggest benefits that we've seen with working with BeyondTrust is just the fantastic crew. Anytime that we've needed to resolve issues, they've always met their service-level objectives and made sure that they remediated these things for us as quickly as possible," he shared.

Shane's advice to other companies facing similar challenges is straightforward: "Evaluate the market, and I think you're gonna see that BeyondTrust is gonna come out as the leader in that area."

In a world where data breaches can result in significant financial and reputational damage, BeyondTrust's solution has provided Behavox with the peace of mind that their customers' data is secure. From improving visibility and compliance to providing a robust audit trail, BeyondTrust has proven to be an invaluable partner for Behavox in their mission to protect sensitive customer information.

"As a technology firm dealing with confidential data, the demand for certifications like SOC 2 from our clientele is escalating. Our client base, comprising some of the globe’s major banks, hedge funds, and asset management organizations, requires assurance of our consistent adherence to paramount standards in data security, availability, integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. BeyondTrust’s Privileged Remote Access has significantly simplified our journey to achieving SOC 2 compliance. It ensures detailed and transparent zero trust security controls around access and monitoring, along with comprehensive auditing and evidence gathering capabilities.”

—Shane Carden, CIO, Behavox
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