BeyondTrust allows full screen sharing and remote control of Samsung devices running Android. For phones and tablets made by other manufacturers, screen sharing is limited to the BeyondTrust App. You can still offer chat support, transfer files, manage system processes and co-browse with non-Samsung devices.

Screen Sharing with Samsung Android Phones

If your customer has a Samsung device, you can click the screen sharing button to request control of the remote Android device. Once the customer has granted permission, the remote device will appear in your window. Use your mouse and keyboard (or fingers, if you’re also on a mobile device) to work on the remote Android device.

Screen-sharing Tools (for Samsung Android Devices)

Stop screen sharing.

While viewing your customer’s computer, request or stop control of your customer’s keyboard and mouse.

While screen sharing, capture a screenshot of the remote screen or screens at their full resolution. Save the image file to your local system or to your clipboard. The capture action is recorded in the chat log with a link to a locally saved image; the link remains active even after the customer has left the session, but it does not persist in the BeyondTrust session report.

View the remote screen at actual or scaled size.

View the remote screen in 2-bit gray scale for the lowest bandwidth consumption, 8-bit color for fast performance, 16-bit for a medium quality of image and performance, or 32-bit for the highest image resolution.

View the remote desktop in full screen mode or return to the interface view.

Android Screen Sharing (for Non-Samsung Devices)

Co-Browse the Web

On non-Samsung devices, screen sharing is limited to the Android Support Client App. With these devices, co-browse the web using the web browser built into the BeyondTrust app.

To navigate to a web address, either the customer can enter the URL in the location bar, or you can push a URL through the chat interface.

Image Sharing

While screen sharing is limited on non-Samsung devices, you can view screenshots of the remote Android device. You won’t be able to see thumbnails, but you can see individual images the customer shares with you.

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