Download the Rep Console from the Apple App Store

The Bomgar Representative Console for iOS is available for free download from the Apple App Store. From your iOS device, search the App Store for "Bomgar Representative Console" and then install the app.

Enter in the Field Marked Site Address

Because the mobile rep console must be downloaded from the Apple App Store, rather than directly from a Bomgar Appliance, the Site Address field will be blank.

The Site Address is the hostname of your Bomgar site. For trial users, this is:

Note: If you were already a customer, you would enter the hostname of your Bomgar site:, or something similar.

Authenticate with Your Email and the Password Provided

After you enter, the fields for your user name and password will appear. Enter your email and the password you received from Bomgar to log in.

Congrats! You're Logged into Bomgar

Once you've logged in, you'll see an empty support queue just waiting there for you to start a support session.

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