Comprehensive analysis and monitoring with SIEM

The SIEM integration for Remote Support enables your organization to leverage detailed session data to fulfill compliance requirements and gain visibility into activity across IT infrastructure.

The integration captures your Remote Support session details, formats them appropriately, and sends them to the SIEM tool of your choosing. No matter what your technicians are doing while using BeyondTrust, the SIEM integration can help you filter through audit trails to precisely identify what happened during that session and correlate it to other events.

The BeyondTrust ntegration can work with nearly any SIEM tool, including Splunk

SIEM Integration Capabilities

The BeyondTrust integration for SIEM gives IT the power to see who is using the BeyondTrust solution, when they use it, what they do, and correlate it to other network activity.

  • Compliance: Automatically capture a detailed audit trail that documents all session activity and credential usage, and easily produce attestation reports to prove compliance and simplify an audit.
  • Retention: Store data long-term to compare events over time and meet retention requirements for compliance.
  • Data aggregation: Collect data from multiple sources, including network, servers, databases, applications and format them to compare events across the organization.
  • Correlation: Analyze data to find associations between events and group them together to identify trends over time.

Customize your integration to work with any SIEM tool

The SIEM for Remote Support Integration works with popular SIEM tools such as Splunk and HP ArcSight, and you can also customize message format based on the requirements and configuration of your SIEM tool.

Meet compliance mandates in the service desk

The SIEM integration can help your organization mitigate the insider threat associated with remote access tools by providing instant insight into who has been accessing your IT network and what they did.

Whether you’re subject to PCI, HIPAA, ISO, GDPR, or other regulations, BeyondTrust can help you easily produce the access audit trails and reports you require to simplify regulatory compliance. Spend less time retrieving documentation for an audit; easily produce detailed attestation reports from your SIEM tool to prove compliance.

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