Custom Integration Capabilities

Your support organization already has many tools and processes in place for managing requests and tracking issues. Whether you're using off-the-shelf software or home-grown systems, Bomgar's custom integration capabilities allow you to create a seamless support experience. From tying remote support sessions to your help desk tickets to associating session logs to call recordings, we give you all the tools required to create custom integrations that work for your support organization.

Bomgar API

Programmatically pull video recordings, team activity reports and endpoint reports. Or generate remote sessions from your ITSM or systems management solutions. The Bomgar API lets you integrate Bomgar with external solutions.

Bomgar Integration Client

Export session video recordings for external storage; export session reports to external file systems or databases.

Outbound Event

Send messages to an HTTP server or to an email address when different events are triggered. Events include:

Bomgar Link

Open any type of Bomgar session (chat, remote access, etc.) from your application.

Jump Link

Launch remote access to any Jump Client from a link or desktop shortcut.

Custom Link

Open a case or record associated with a remote desktop, server, or customer from the Bomgar Representative Console.

Real-time Dashboard and Representative Activity Reporting

Get efficient, comprehensive reporting in real-time to quickly analyze support center activity in your organization. Report on support representative activity regardless of whether they are in a support session or not, with metrics such as time available, busy, in concurrent sessions, etc.

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