Cloud Vault | BeyondTrust

Manage and Distribute Access from the Cloud

Cloud Vault provides fast, essential vaulting capabilities for privileged accounts. Vault credentials for local or domain shared administrators, a user’s personal admin account, or even SSH keys.

A feature in the full BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access solution, Cloud Vault is part of a complete Privileged Access Management platform. Together, managing privileged sessions, passwords, and vendor access becomes centralized and highly secure.

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Highlighted Features

Privileged Remote Access and Cloud Vault, Explained

Cloud Vault eliminates the need for privileged users to remember or share credentials for the systems they need to access.

Requiring privileged users to know usernames and passwords for each endpoint is unrealistic. Cloud Vault stores those credentials securely, retrieves those credentials, and then injects them directly into a session. Each remote session produces detailed, searchable logs and video recordings.

Superior Session Management

BeyondTrust enables centralized management of multiple remote protocols: RDP, SSH, Telnet, and our patented Jump Technology. Both the Access Console for privileged users and the endpoint application run seamlessly across operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux, Network Devices, and others.

Each remote session produces detailed, searchable logs and video recordings. The solution deploys without weakening your perimeter or opening holes in firewalls. Plus, all session data is guarded by SSL encryption.