The Business Case for BeyondTrust Privileged Access

You already know BeyondTrust will help you manage and monitor privileged access to critical systems securely and efficiently. Now you need to get your team on board. This guide gives you everything you need to convince your team that BeyondTrust is worth it.

“Everybody tries to sell you the world and then gives you a little bit. Bomgar (BeyondTrust) is different. They have given us more than we even knew was possible.”

Amoco Federal Credit Union

See BeyondTrust in Action with a Video Case Study

Pink Elephant, a Managed Services Provider in The Netherlands, provides outsourcing and professional consultation services to the corporate market with a focus in healthcare and logistics.

Before Pink Elephant switched to BeyondTrust, their 100+ engineers were bogged down by manual password tracking, which also left security gaps.

After implementing a trial of the BeyondTrust Privileged Access Management solution, the very positive response from the engineers became a deciding factor for Pink Elephant's purchase decision. With BeyondTrust, privileged access management is fully automated using a single solution, and is efficient and secure.

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