BeyondInsight and Password Safe Combine User, Account, and Asset Threat Analytics for Unmatched Visibility

Password Safe is part of BeyondInsight, which is BeyondTrust's centralized reporting and analytics platform. BeyondInsight provides IT and business leaders with visibility into the privilege-related risks facing their organizations.

Analyze privileged password, user, and account activity, along with asset characteristics, to help you correlate application, service, and other data. Information gathered via discovery can be tapped into to set baselines for normal behavior, observe changes, and identify anomalies that signal critical threats.

BeyondTrust connects the dots and flags the events you need to focus on, allowing you to act decisively and effectively prioritize risk mitigation. The information can also be applied to implement a just-in-time access model, and to change, or better secure, passwords at risk.

BeyondInsight provides concise reporting and analytics that highlight the riskiest issues that are of specific concern in our environment.

IT Security Architect, RWE Supply & Trading GmbH

Pinpoint Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and other Attack Vectors

Threat Intelligence and Behavioral Analytics Capabilities

  • Gain a centralized view of assets, users and activity in your environment with data aggregated from a variety of BeyondTrust and third-party solutions.
  • Correlate data to reveal clear cases of user, asset, and password risk, and to uncover suspicious activity. For instance, an administrator opening ports on a vulnerable server at 2 a.m. probably means trouble.
  • Measure asset characteristics and user behaviors from one day to the next, noting the scope and speed of any changes to alert you to suspicious deviations.
  • Pinpoint, isolate, and address abnormal activity by drilling down from intelligent alerts.
  • Leverage over 280 reports, including templates for highlighting users, assets and activities with high threat levels. Easily share risk and compliance data with a variety of technical and non-technical audiences.
  • Boost threat intelligence and improve ROI by leveraging a broad range of connectors
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