Combine User, Account, and Asset Threat Analytics for Unmatched Visibility

Analyze privileged password, user, and account activity, along with asset characteristics such as vulnerability count, vulnerability level, attacks detected, risk score, applications, services, software and ports. Included malware analysis capabilities help you correlate application, service, and process data with a continuously updated malware database. BeyondTrust connects the dots and flags the events you need to focus on, allowing you to act decisively and effectively prioritize risk mitigation.

  • Aggregate user and asset data to baseline and track behavior
  • Correlate asset, user and threat activity to reveal critical risks
  • Identify potential malware threats buried in asset activity data
  • Increase the ROI of your existing security solutions
  • Generate reports to inform and align security decisions
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"BeyondInsight provides concise reporting and analytics that highlight the riskiest issues that are of specific concern in our environment."

IT Security Architect, RWE Supply & Tradin

Highlighted Capabilities

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“The unique active malware scanning reduced accidental exposure to the environment by end users greatly. The risk management assessments allowed us to shore up holes before they were able to be exploited.”

Large Enterprise Health Care Company

Pinpoint Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and Other Elusive Attacks

Aggregate Threat Data

Gain a centralized view of all assets, accounts and users in your environment. Information gathered via discovery can be tapped into to set baselines for normal behavior, observe changes, and identify anomalies that signal critical threats.

Correlate and Analyze

Like a good detective, Password Safe Threat Analytics gathers evidence, makes connections, and uncovers would-be data breach culprits. By correlating user behavior with asset characteristics, it can recognize that an administrator opening ports on a vulnerable server at 2am probably means trouble.

Alert and Report

Proactively isolate abnormal activity and quickly address any associated threats. The alerting capabilities of Password Safe Threat Analytics signal in-progress threats, and extensive reporting features make it easy to share risk and compliance data with a variety of technical and non-technical audiences.