Identity Security Insights aggregates identity data from your environment and BeyondTrust solutions and layers on AI-based detection capabilities. It combines with BeyondTrust products and other toolsets to identify and remediate risky security posture, unlocking powerful identity threat detection and response (ITDR) capabilities.

Active Directory, Entra ID, Okta, PingOne, AWS, Azure, & Google Cloud are all part of ONE Identity Attack Surface. With Identity Security Insights, you can finally start protecting it that way.

Gain risk-focused visibility into identities, accounts, privileges, and entitlements across your identity fabric. Leverage clear recommendations to harden your security posture and minimize the paths to privilege.
Connect the dots other solutions are missing. Apply expansive identity data, security intelligence, and AI to surface and prioritize threats in context. Leverage SIEM integrations & Webhooks for a streamlined response.
Reduce indecision, inaction, and analysis paralysis. Cut right to what matters with unified threat-aware context. Prioritize effectively with unified threats and posture insights.
Identity Security Insights gained recognition for detecting and alerting on the Okta Support breach, weeks before Okta acknowledged the attack. Our product's detections led to rapid neutralization of the threat.

Auto-detect risky identity and account configurations, and apply the tool's clear recommendations to proactively harden your identity security posture.

  • Unmanaged privileged accounts
  • Privileged accounts that lack MFA
  • Non-privileged accounts with attack paths to Domain Admin for on-premises AD
  • Non-privileged accounts that can retrieve password hashes from AD Domain Controller via a DCSync attack
  • Accounts vulnerable to Kerberoasting
  • Accounts with personal email addresses

Benefit from continuous monitoring of your identity infrastructure, and alerts to the in-progress attacks and suspicious activities that you want to know about, such as:

  • Malicious IP Sign-In
  • Excessive secret safe read events
  • Password sprays
  • Excessive API Registration read events
  • Excessive managed account password read events
  • Dormant accounts that suddenly try to leverage privileged access

"The biggest thing that I’ve been excited about with Identity Security Insights is that you’re looking at my Okta. [BeyondTrust] is also the only one that has access to this kind of information across all my servers and my employees. I don’t have a tool collecting that local information other than BeyondTrust's solutions. There’s a lot that [BeyondTrust] can show me that no one else can.”

Manager of Information Security, Leading American Paint Manufacturer

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