In 2024, cybersecurity professionals manage a tremendous list of priorities. From preventing unauthorized access to enterprise environments, to maintaining visibility and control over third-party and vendor activities, to shrinking the attack surface and staying compliant with ever-evolving security standards. 

All while ensuring simplicity and ease of use.

Fortunately, BeyondTrust Senior Solutions Engineer, Raj Mohanlall, understands these challenges and how to proactively leverage secure remote access tools to protect your distributed workforce and convergent IT-OT systems.

During this workshop, we’ll cover:

  • Modern considerations to address the principals of Zero Trust third party access.
  • Enhanced security and granular control for scalable identity security operations.
  • Empowering admins with full oversight of remote session activity through a centralized platform.
  • How to leverage Privilege Remote Access (PRA) to meet your Enterprise objectives. Raj will walk through a brief PRA demo.

This workshop is ideal for teams looking to leverage secure remote access tools to achieve identity security objectives.  Join BeyondTrust as we empower you with the tools to take control of your enterprise environments. 

BeyondTrust received FedRAMP® Moderate Authorization for our Remote Support (RS) and Privileged Remote Access (PRA) solutions, establishing us as the only PAM vendor with FedRAMP-approved secure remote access solutions.

Raj Mohanlall
Raj Mohanlall
Sr Solutions Engineer
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