Endpoint Privilege Management for Microsoft Group Policy

Deploy into your existing Microsoft enterprise technology, with minimal new hardware requirements. Align with your existing enterprise change control processes for endpoint configuration and deliver policy based on Active Directory groups and organizational units with extensive auditing and reporting on endpoint activities.

Technical benefits of Endpoint Privilege Management for Group Policy

Leverage Existing Infrastructure

Integrating with your established Microsoft Active Directory reduces infrastructure investments while the single, lightweight Avecto agent makes for a more stable endpoint and reduced support costs.

Manage security needs in one location

With BeyondTrust managed using Microsoft Group Policy, the Group Policy editor serves as the central hub – for managing Microsoft Windows configuration and BeyondTrust policy. Microsoft’s Active Directory provides flexible, reliable delivery to ensure BeyondTrust policies reach their targets.

Work more efficiently

Integration from the BeyondTrust policy editor to Enterprise Reporting makes policy adjustments fast and error free. After deploying in days using the Quickstart policy, fine tune with adjustments guided by Enterprise Reporting Discovery Dashboards that bring attention to the most important items.